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Hello, welcome and thank you for your interest in writing for KinderArt! I'm so glad you joined us :) One of the great things about creative people is their desire to share their ideas with others.

In 1997, KinderArt was created as a place for people to show others their tried and true lesson plans and activities. If not for the energy and creativity of our readers, we would cease to exist.

KinderArt is truly a labor of love and I work on the site as often as I can. My late father Hank and I coded the early versions of the site. Today, I do all of the computer work from my far-too-messy corner desk. While Jantje and I and have developed many of the lesson plans you see here, the rest have been submitted by teachers, parents, artists and kids from around the world. YOU are responsible for creating this enormous collection of free ideas that are now used in home and school classrooms from North America and Europe to Australia and Africa. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing your idea and helping you share it with others.

~Andrea :)

Note: If you submit a lesson plan, all rights to the written material, published photographs and/or artwork provided by you, will remain your property. By submitting your idea, you are asserting that you are the sole author and owner of the material, that it does not infringe any existing copyright and that it contains no libelous or unlawful matter.

By submitting a lesson plan or article to KinderArt, you grant us permission to publish and edit your submission for length and clarity as required.

Thanks so much!

Please use the email address below to submit your lesson plans ideas and photographs.

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