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Level: Middle School
Grades: 6-8 Age: 11-14yrs | Written by: Jamie Bresee
[Jamie is a parent from Red Bluff California.]

Create a found object stained glass piece - without having to cut any glass.


Tracing skills, creativity, and working with colors

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Set your square piece of cardboard in front of you.

  2. Take a piece of tin foil - a piece that fits on the top of the cardboard.

  3. Crumple the foil in your hand, then very carefully open it up.

  4. Lay the foil back on the cardboard. Taking your hand, hold the tin foil side while carefully turning the cardboard piece over.

  5. You should now have it turned around, with the foil down, cardboard up.

  6. Take little pieces of masking tape, tape the foil to the cardboard on the back (then set aside).

  7. Now take your picture, lay it on a flat surface. Tape the corners of the picture on your flat surface.

  8. Taking your saran wrap, tape a piece over your picture (taping it only on the corners)

  9. Using your black marker, trace your picture over the saran wrap.

  10. When finished tracing, color it in with your permanent markers.

  11. Remove the tape from the corners of the saran wrap. Drag the drawing to your cardboard piece (leaving the tape on the corners)

  12. Lay the saran wrap over the tin foil side of the cardboard.

  13. Using the tape that was left on the corners of the saran wrap, fold the tape flaps over and secure them to the cardboard. If you feel like adding more tape to the back, go for it.

  14. You can also add a hole to the top, tied with a string to hang your beautiful work of art.
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