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Level: Junior
Grades: 3 -5 | Age: 8-11yrs | Written by: Jen Ulm
[Jen writes fun, rhyming stories about real educational topics for grades K-5 ]

From Jen Ulm:

My box of Wikki Stix just came in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't wait to start building some Planetary Personalities characters with them.

I started with Earth. First I wrapped some blue Wikki Stix around a golf ball. Next I added some continents and facial features, but I didn't like the way it looked. It was too bulky, and everything was resting on top of the ocean instead of within it. So I disassembled it, leaving the pieces I liked together. (That's the best part about this project - since Wikki Stix are reusable, mistakes aren't final!) On my second try, I put the continents and facial features on first, then filled in the gaps with the blue ocean. Not too bad for a beginner's effort!

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Next I created Saturn, but this time I used Glow-in-the-Dark Wikki Stix! Whenever I read the book to groups of kids, they all "oooh & aaahhh" over Saturn's beautiful colors. Learning from my first attempt, I put the facial features on first, then wound multiple colors around the golf ball until it was covered. For the rings, I attached one Wikki Stix to the back, then attached multiple colors end to end so that they spiraled around Saturn's body. All that was left to do was plug in a blacklight and watch Saturn shine!

Recommended Books/Products:

Looking at the Planets : A Book About the Solar System/With a Glow in the Dark Planet Mobile
by Melvin Berger
Realistic illustrations give young space buffs a comprehensive look at our solar system with a few basic facts about each planet.

Can You Find a Planet?
by Sidney Rosen
Discusses in question and answer format the planets in our solar system and explains which planets and stars can be seen from Earth in the night sky.


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