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Level: Primary, Junior, Middle School
Grades: K - 8 | Age: 5 - 14yrs | Written by: Lillian Foxx
[Lillian is a student in Winona, MN]

Learn how to make maracas using balloons and paper mache.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Cover table with newspaper.
  2. Pour flour into bowl in middle of table.
  3. Pour in water (enough to make thin, oatmeal consistency).
  4. Everyone put hands in and mix.
  5. Pick a balloon (already inflated).
  6. Dunk balloon in paste, covering it completely, or use hands to smear paste on.
  7. Put balloon on table, wipe off hands.
  8. Paper with newspaper squares (1 in x 1 in).
  9. After finishing two-three layers of newspaper, leave to dry.
  10. Next session: fill maracas with seeds or rice.
  11. Attach pencil to base with masking tape (using thin strips).
  12. Paint entire maraca, including masking tape and leave to dry.
  13. Play maracas!!!
Recommended Books/Products:

African-Style Maracas Craft Kit (pk/8)

African-Style Maracas Craft Kit (pk/8)

Recreate the rhythmic sounds of the African continent. Fun to mak e and a great musical activity! Includes balloons, wooden dowels, newsprint strips, non-toxic decoupage finish, glue and acrylic paint, plastic beads, brushes and instructions. 10".


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