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Level: ECE, Primary, Junior, Middle School
Grades: PreK - 8 | Age: 2 - 14yrs | Written by:

Learn how to make maracas using yogurt containers or paper cups.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Put the beans or peas into one of the cups or containers

  2. Hot glue the 2 containers together.

  3. Wrap masking tape around the rims for added support.

  4. Paint the shaker with bright colors and glue on fabric pieces too if you wish.
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African-Style Maracas Craft Kit (pk/8)

African-Style Maracas Craft Kit (pk/8)

Recreate the rhythmic sounds of the African continent. Fun to mak e and a great musical activity! Includes balloons, wooden dowels, newsprint strips, non-toxic decoupage finish, glue and acrylic paint, plastic beads, brushes and instructions. 10".


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