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Level: Middle School
Grades: 6-8 | Age:11-14yrs | Written by: Kimberly Hutts
[Kimberly is a student from Attica IN]

Students will use cardboard and aluminum foil to make relief sculptures.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Cut out shapes using paper of varying thicknesses and glue down to 20"X20" piece of cardboard. I suggest overlapping and stacking the paper shapes.
  2. Make a watered-down glue mixture and brush mixture over cardboard and paper shapes, be sure glue holding down paper shapes in dry first.
  3. After applying glue mixture cover the surface with aluminum foil,big enough to wrap an inch or two around all sides of the cardboard.
  4. Press foil down, shiny side up, so that you can see the pattern created by the paper shapes. Using a DULL pencil create a pattern on the surface where there are no paper shapes, try not to tear through the aluminum foil. Then brush on the ink and let it dry.
  5. When the ink is completely dry, use the old newspaper to lightly rub the surface of the foil. This will rub the ink off the top of the patterns created by the paper shapes and pencil indents. The patterns will shine against the black background.

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