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Level: ECE, Primary
Grades: PreK - 2 | Age: 2-8yrs | Written by: Amy Prater
[Amy is a student teacher in a trainably mentally impaired classroom]

Students will use flowers to create lovely works of art.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Start by talking about the flowers and all the different colors there are.
  2. (Optional) Students paint part of the paper blue (to represent sky).
  3. (Optional) Students paint part of the paper green (to represent ground).
  4. (Optional) Students then paint flower stems onto the paper.
  5. Next, they can take the flowers and dip them into the paint. If too much paint is on the flower, they don't print as nicely so be sure to use the paint sparingly and/or blot the flower on a separate sheet of paper before printing.
  6. When students get the shape they desire, they can place the flower on the stem which is painted on the paper.

More: has a wonderful image-rich tutorial of this craft.

Recommended Books/Products:

Nature Printing
by: Laura Donnelly Bethmann
30 Projects for Creating Beautiful Prints, Wearables, and Home Furnishings

My Very Favorite Art Book: I Love to Paint!
Creating with strings, fingers, rollers, straws, and other super techniques: no wonder this entry in Lark's fabulous new art series will have kids saying "I love to paint!"

Painting with Children
Painting with Children contains sections on the "moral effects of color," the experience of colors, preparation, color stories and poems, panting with plant colors, painting the moods and seasons of nature, and much more.

The Science Book of Color
by Neil Ardley
This book explains the principles of color and gives instructions for a variety of simple experiments.

My First Paint Book
by Dawn Sirett
Twenty-two activities, from stenciled boxes to T-shirt designs, are presented along with step-by-step, full-color photographs and clear instructions, in a visual introduction to making and decorating things with paint.

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