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Level: Junior
Grades: 3-5 | Age: 8-11yrs | Written by: Catherine Bamess
[Catherine is a teacher at East Manjimup Primary School in Western Australia, Manjimup.

Here, students explore line shape and color as they work both individually and as an artistic unit.

What You Need:
What You Do:

  1. Each child has his/her own paper.
  2. Instruct the children to draw a line or a shape anywhere on the page.
  3. The children then swap sheets and add a line/shape to peer's page.
  4. This continues until the whole class has placed lines/marks on each person's page. Encourage the children to add to the previous line/shape and not just draw a separate design in a different space.
  5. Allow approximately 30 seconds for each addition before calling out "rotate."
  6. During this exercise encourage the children to look critically at the page before them to decide what it needs.
    • Do some of the designs need to be linked to show one picture rather than separate designs?
    • Does this page need solid black color to create a focus?
    • Will the use of the fine artline pen inside particular shapes create interest and detail?

  7. The children then cut out a window measuring 20cm x 20cm from a piece of cardboard.
  8. Using the window each child places it on their original page and moves it around until the window captures their favorite part of the picture. The lines of the window are drawn with pencil or black marker.

  9. A variety of media can be used from edicol dye, dry pastels, oil pastels, colored markers etc.
  10. My children used dry pastels and colored the shapes within the window. Some used the pastels lightly while others produced vivid designs by pressing hard.

  11. The design in the window can be cut out and mounted or simply left as is. All children are able to see their contributions on each person's art work.

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