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Level: ECE, Primary
Grades: PreK - Gr2 | Age:2-8yrs | Written by: Kasia Ciesla
[Kasia is an artist and art educator from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada]

Children wiil create a fruit-themed colour wheel as a decorative reminder of colour-mixing.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Begin by asking children to draw a banana and an apple, which they will paint yellow and red respectively. (For younger children: pre-draw fruit shapes that they may paint in)
  2. Then they may paint a number of blue dots, which will represent blueberries.
  3. Ask children to draw a lime, then ask what colour it should be. Instruct them in mixing green from yellow and blue, so they may paint the lime green.
  4. Do the same for an orange (yellow+red), and a plum or cluster of grapes (blue+red).
  5. Once painted fruits have dried, cut them out.
  6. Cut a circle out of card.
  7. Beginning with primary colours, glue "fruit" around the plate according to their colour to create a colour wheel.

Optional: Instead of painting the fruit, children could find pictures of fruit in old magazines.

Note: when pasting "fruit" onto the "plate", make a game of it. Ask the kids where each colour should go to see if they remember how each colour was a achieved. Tell children to keep their fruit plate handy wherever they make art, as a reminder of colour mixing.

This project had wonderful results. Bright and beautiful pieces were created even by very little ones.

Recommended Books/Products:

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by Neil Ardley
This book explains the principles of color and gives instructions for a variety of simple experiments.

My First Paint Book
by Dawn Sirett
Twenty-two activities, from stenciled boxes to T-shirt designs, are presented along with step-by-step, full-color photographs and clear instructions, in a visual introduction to making and decorating things with paint.

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