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Level: ECE, Primary
Grades: PreK - Gr2 | Age: 2-8 yrs | Written by: Melissa Jordan
[Melissa is an art educator at Black River education center Sullivan, Ohio.]

Creating a crayon resist picture with nature as your inspiration.


What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Teacher will read book and lead discussion on fall and why leaves change colors.
  2. Show students real leaves to show them the different colors leaves can be. Try to show them a leaf that has all the fall colors with green peeking through!! Ask students what color they see.
  3. Show students that leaves have veins and that they form little trees!
  4. Pass around leaves if they cannot see this.

  5. Demonstrate the project to the students:
  6. a. Trace leaf pattern onto 9x12 paper. (You can use a real leaf for the pattern).

    b. Cut out leaf.

    c. Draw veins on leaf. The veins can be as simple or as complex as each individual student is able to do.

    d. Now color the leaf with fall colors by pressing hard. Leave some parts of the leaf white where they want some green to show through.

    e. When students have pressed hard and colored 75% of the leaf they can paint the green wash over the leaf. It is magic--the white areas soak up the green paint like a sponge. The crayon areas resist the paint--I tell the students those parts are protected!!

    f. I show the students what will happen if you don't press hard with crayons so they will be inspired to do a good job.

    g. Put on drying rack.

  7. After your demo let the students do the project.
  8. When leaves are finished, teacher can paint a large tree with brown tempera paint and display all the leaves together on the tree. Some of the leaves can be falling or at the bottom. The kids love to see how their leaf is part of one large tree!!!
  9. Have fun---your students will!!!

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