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Level: Primary, Junior, Middle School, High School
Grades: K and up | Age: 5yrs and up | Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
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Students will learn about texture as they experiment with crackle patterns.



Creation: Appreciation:

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. If possible, show your kinderartists examples of pottery with crackle glazes. Certain types of Raku pottery have a lovely crackle surface. Click here to see an example.

  2. Tell your kinderartists that they will have a chance to created drawings with a crackle finish.

  3. Each student should receive a piece of paper (no larger than 8-1/2" by 11") and some crayons to start.

  4. Any image or design at all can be created on the paper using crayons. Your KinderArtists should be encouraged to apply the crayon rather heavily.

  5. Once the paper is covered with crayon, have your kinderartists take and crumple it up -- making sure not to rip it to bits. The idea here is the crumple - not to destroy.

  6. Now, your kinderartists should lay the paper out as flat as it will go. A piece of newspaper might not be a bad idea (to protect tables and desks).

  7. The next step involves covering the crumpled paper with watered down paint. Make sure that the paint is not to thick by testing it on a scrap piece of paper. A thin wash of color is what your kinderartists are after.

  8. Using a paintbrush, your kinderartists can cover the paper with a paint wash. The paint will go into all the little cracks that began to appear when the paper was crumpled.

  9. Let it dry.

  10. Once dry, a coating of white glue can be brushed onto the paper. This will protect the drawing while giving it a nice sheen.

  11. Display the work by gluing onto construction paper and talk about the process.

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