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Level: Primary, Junior, Middle School, High School
Grades: K and up | Age: 5 and up | Written by: Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
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A didgeridoo is a long wooden trumpet-like instrument used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. A real didgeridoo is made of a hollow wooden branch with a beeswax mouthpiece. You and your students can make your very own didgeridoo using offcuts of PVC (plumbing) pipe or wrapping paper tubes.



Historical: Creation: Appreciation:

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. If you are using a PVC pipe, be sure to sand both ends of the pipe down so there are no rough edges.
  2. Once you have a length of pipe or cardboard tubing, you are ready to decorate. Using paint or markers, decorate the didgeridoo using bright exciting colors.
  3. You can glue all sorts of objects to your didgeridoo as long as you can still comfortably move it around.
  4. Optional: If you wish, you can make a mouthpiece for your didgeridoo using beeswax. The way this is done is by dipping one end of your pipe or cardboard tube into melted wax, again and again until you build up an almost solid mass of wax with a small opening.
  5. You can create a mouthpiece for your didgeridoo by rolling a piece of poster paper into a cone and gluing it to the end of your pipe or tube.
  6. To play your didgeridoo, stand or sit with the instrument straight out in front of you, with one end resting on the ground. Place your mouth inside the tube (or on the beeswax mouthpiece) and make a loose motorboat sound with your lips.


Dreamtime Didgeridoos
Here you can see real didgeridoos and you can even learn how to play one.

Recommended Books/Products:

Didgeridoo : Ritual Origins and Playing Techniques
by Dirk Schellberg
Learn about healing and spiritual aspects of the didgeridoo. Also includes a section on how-to make your own didgeridoo.

Music CD: Around the World & Back Again
by Tom Chapin
A lovely cd featuring the song, "What Is A Didgeridoo?".

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