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OK everybody, dress for a mess because you have just entered - The KinderArt Kitchen. Choose and click on a recipe below and get ready to mix, smoosh and mold your way to a fun learning experience that's downright messy. Don't forget your smock (an old shirt will do just fine). But FIRST... Choose the type of recipe you are looking for by clicking on a highlighted link below.

This section includes recipes for cakes, cookies, and healthy snacks (some of which are sugar-free). read more

This section includes homemade art supply recipes including clay and dough. read more


Creative Kids: Snack Art

Creative Kids: Snack Art

Use food just as you would other craft material, and then eat what you create!
Buy it as an e-book and read it now!

Creative Kids: Simple Cooking Fun

Creative Kids: Simple Cooking Fun

Simple Cooking Fun is a unique blend of well-loved children's literature and related recipes that will tickle the tastebuds. Parents, teachers, and anyone who works with children will find the book selections readily available, and the cooking ideas and activities appealing to adults and children.

Simple Cooking Fun features the following:

  • An introduction and guide to using the book.
  • Pre-cooking experiences and information, such as cooking and safety tips, a cooking word list and samples of kitchen tools for children, and a food pyramid guide.
  • More then 50 literature selections you and your child will enjoy reading together.
  • Over 60 recipes with follow-up activities and additional book lists that are sure to enhance the cooking experience.
  • A section of recipes and activities to make special occasions even more special.
  • Suggestions for making a trip to the supermarket with your child an enjoyable learning experience.