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Art Vocabulary - The letter Pp

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

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Definition: This is an ancient art consisting of paper and a binder or some sort (wallpaper paste or glue for example). It can be blended and mixed into a mulch and formed into shapes or it can be used with strips of newspaper formed over cardboard, wood etc. Paper Mache... its not just for kiddos. No really.

Pronunciation: pay·per ma·shey • (noun)

Alternate Spellings: Papier Maché


Definition: This is the repetition of certain elements (like color or line) in a work of art.

Pronunciation: pat·tern • (noun)


Definition: In drawing and painting, perspective is a method of creating the illusion of depth by means of converging lines. In simple terms that means that by taking and arranging your lines on a piece of paper, you can make your image appear as though it is three dimensional. Visualize standing at the side of the road. OK, good. Now visualize a car driving towards you way in the distance. As that car gets closer, you will see more of it... you will see the color of the car, the shape, the person driving it and so on. The same is true in a drawing. The farther away something is, the smaller and less detailed it is, the closer that something is, the more detailed it is.

Pronunciation: per·spek·tiv • (noun)


Definition: Nearly all paint colors come from nature. Dirt, rock, plants, etc. are the raw material, which is ground down into what is called a pigment. This is then mixed with a binder to make it sticky (gum arabic - from trees, glue or egg yolk), and a medium to make it liquid (water, oil).

Pronunciation: pig·ment • (noun)


Definition: A powder which when mixed with water, will harden into a chalk-like solid. Many sculptures were and are created with plaster.

Pronunciation: plass·ter • (noun)


Definition: Simply put, this is the herding together of a bunch of words into one phrase. It's all about how artists organize the elements of art to achieve certain effects. Involves simplicity, harmony, legibility, point of view, movement, clarity, variety, unity, organization, rhythm, balance, emphasis, perspective, framing and proportion.

Pronunciation: prince·i·puls • (noun)


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