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Art Vocabulary - The letter Gg

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

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Definition: A painting that depicts scenes of everyday life.

Pronunciation: zhon·rah • (noun)


Definition: This is a quick drawing that captures the energy and movement of an object rather than how it really looks

Pronunciation: jes·chur • (noun)


Definition: In painting, (watercolor or oil), a glaze is a translucent layer of color. In ceramics, a glaze is a "liquid glass" that is applied to bisqued ware, then fired in a kiln. The result is a hard protective coating.

Pronunciation: glayz • (noun)


Definition: When clay is leather hard, not yet fired, it is called greenware. In this state, the clay can be made wet and turned back into a useable material.

Pronunciation: greenware • (noun)


Definition: This is what the artist has created his work on ... this could be paper, canvas, wood or even birch bark or stone.

Pronunciation: grown·d • (noun)


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