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Art Vocabulary - The letter Bb

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

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Definition: When we talk about balance in art, we are referring to the arrangements of one of more elements in a work so that they appear symmetrical (even) or asymmetrical (uneven), in design and proportion.

Pronunciation: bal·ance • (noun)


Definition: Simply put, parrafin or beeswax is used to resist paint or dye on fabric or paper, so that designs and patterns are produced on the unwaxed areas.

Pronunciation: ba·teek • (noun)


Definition: After clay has its first firing in a kiln, it is called bisque ware. At this stage, the clay has changed composition and can no longer have water added to it and turned back into a useable material.

Pronunciation: bisk • (noun)


Definition: Black is the complete absence of light. You can't create black with pigments because of impurities. Generally there is a blue trace in most black pigments. A black surface absorbs all light... which is why it appears black. Pronunciation: blak • (adj.)


Definition: A roller that is used to apply ink to printing surfaces in printmaking.

Pronunciation: brai·er • (adj.) Also Known As: Roller


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