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Level: Junior, Middle School
Grades: 3-8| Age: 8 - 14 yrs | Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
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Students will create their own version of a folk art checkerboard using cardboard or wood and paint.







checkers, checker board, folk art, functional art, games, family, board games, strategy, rules, fair play, color, design

What You Need:
What You Do:


  1. Take your wood plaque or piece of heavy corrugated cardboard and begin laying out the checkers. Draw a grid pattern on the center of the board using a straight edge. Remember that a checkerboard is made up of eight squares across and eight squares up and down.
  2. Paint alternating squares alternating colors. You can use masking tape to mask off your squares.
  3. Add designs to either end of the checker board.
  4. Once you are finished painting, its a good idea to seal the checkerboard with a coat of water-based sealer.

You can really get creative with your checkers. We have used everything from licorice candy (sealed with a water-based sealer or white glue -- no eating!) to beads to cool checkers made of self hardening clay. If you do create checkers with self-hardening clay, be sure to seal them with a water-based sealer or white glue to protect them.

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