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Level: Junior, Middle School, High School
Grades: 3-12 | Age: 8 yrs and up | Written by: Amy Woods
[Amy is a teacher at Prescott Central Middle School in Cookeville, TN USA]

Students will learn about radial design with this interesting art lesson.

Radial: Developing symmetrically about a central point; A radial part, such as a ray, spoke, or radius.
- The American Heritage Dictionary

What You Need:
What You Do:

Discuss the meaning of "radius" with the students. Explain that a radial design is one that is on the radius of a circle and that radial symmetry means that the design is symmetrical no matter which way you turn it.

Show examples of radial designs in art and in their environment.

Project Directions:

  1. Fold the paper in half diagonally two times, then again in half up and down for a total of 4 folds.
  2. Open it up. The fold lines will serve as guidelines for creating your design.
  3. Make a design using the letter stickers. You can use the letters as they are or you can cut them into other shapes. Whatever you do to one section of your design, you need to do to the other 4 sections, so that your design will look the same no matter which direction you turn it. Make sure you have enough stickers before you start applying them. Continue adding stickers until you have filled in a circular area with design. Make the circle as large as you can on the paper.

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