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Level: ECE, Primary, Junior, Middle School, High School
Grades: PreK and up | Age: 2 yrs and up | Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
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Are you looking for something creative to do on a clear day? Why not take a trip outside to let nature inspire you?

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Go and find a nice place to sit, where you have a great view of some trees, shrubs or flowers.
  2. Set up your outdoor workspace by sitting down, placing the cardboard on your knees, and laying the paper on top of that.
  3. Look at what you are going to draw.
  4. Really look closely to see all the details that make up a tree, shrub or flower.
  5. Start drawing.
  6. Don't worry about what your drawing looks like - this is your impression of what you see.
  7. You might wish to lightly sketch a tree trunk and branches with pencil, and then fill in the leaves using coloured pencils (or paint).
  8. The sky truly is the limit and the only rule is to have fun!
  9. Once you are finished one picture, draw another, and another, and another!
  10. Don't forget to sign, date and label your work.

Did You Know:

Drawing outside is known as "Plein Air" drawing. Literally translated, this French term means "in the open air". Drawing and painting outside is a common thing for artists to do today, but as writer Marion Boddy Evans explains, " the late 1800s when the Impressionists ventured out of their studios into nature to investigate and capture the effects of sunlight and different times of days on a subject, it was quite revolutionary."

Recommended Books/Products:

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Bring the fun and creativity that Crayola has established to bath...outdoors with the Crayola Outdoor Art Mat. Kids will be able to bring their creativity outdoors, and combines imagination with water play. The vinyl mat sprays water from an inflatable "sprinkler" which attaches to any standard garden hose. Color any of the already printed shapes, play tic-tac-toe with your friends or draw in any of the four print free squares. The fun never ends!!!

Create big art with this min set! This kit includes a 4 inch sketch pad with 64 pages to fill with drawings, as well as 3.25 inch artist's pencil, wood manikin, water bottle, 2.25 inch paint brush and a paint tin with 8 watercolor cakes. Great gift for that special someone and stocking stuffer.

Beka Art Activity Desk
A handy art desk for when you don't have room for a stand-up easel, but want a dedicated surface for drawing, painting and other creative activities. Creativity can be convenient! This Adjustable Drawing Desk is perfect for drawing and coloring and well as practicing spelling words and math problems. Made from Solid Hard Maple, the Drawing Desk can be positioned at two different angles for ease of use. It features a paper holder and paper cutter, with a 19"W x 13"D white marker board or chalkboard art surface (Paper rolls sold separately. Uses the same paper rolls as all Beka easels.) Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
by Betty Edwards
Translated into thirteen languages, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world's most widely used drawing-instruction guide. People from just about every walk of life--artists, students, corporate executives, architects, real estate agents, designers, engineers--have applied its revolutionary approach to problem solving.

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