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Level: Middle School, High School
Grades: 6 and up | Age: 11 yrs and up | Written by: Gerald Cloud
[Gerald is an artist and art educator from Maine.]

Students can reuse odd sized matboard pieces as surfaces for pencil crayon drawings.

Ever wonder what to do with those saved mat board scraps (or other art papers that you’ve saved but don’t know what to do with)? Use them as innovative and colorful art backgrounds. Go "green" and reuse odd sized art boards for great new artworks: stretch your art supply budget!

Tip: If you go to framing shops, you might be able to get a donation of mat boards for your classroom.

What You Need:
What You Do:

  1. Collect various sizes of mat boards or other art supports. (Size does not matter: even the smallest scrap can be reused).
  2. Set up a still life in bright light or have students bring or select objects to draw.
  3. Students draw lightly with #2 or HB pencils on the scrap mat or art boards.
  4. Drawings can be completed with the Prismacolor pencils.
Hints for Success:

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