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Level: Primary, Junior
Grades: K - Gr. 5 | Age: 5-11 yrs | Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
[Andrea is one of the creators of]

Students will create drawings based on an imaginary journey. This is a great warm up activity or 15 minute end of class filler. It will get your students' creative juices flowing!

What You Need:
What You Do:

  1. Ask your students to imagine that they are going on an adventure.
  2. Ask your students the following questions:
    • "Where are you going on your adventure?" (a distant land, somewhere you've been before? a new place?)
    • "How will you get there?" (by car, plane, train, on foot, via a new mode of transportation?)
    • "Who will you see when you arrive?" (a friend? a family member? a creature? an alien?)
    • "What will you on your adventure?"

  3. Then, allow your students to draw their adventures!

Recommended Books/Products:

Drawing With Children
by Mona Brookes
Founded on the belief that any child can learn to draw realistic pictures using her "alphabet of shapes" while in a noncompetitive environment, Mona Brookes' easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson approach to drawing has yielded astounding results with children of all ages. This is THE BEST learning to draw book we've ever seen. (for ages 3-4 and up)

I Spy Shapes in Art
Each magnificent painting in this book has a different shape for you to find -- some are easy, but some are difficult. And when you have found them all, there are lots of other interesting things to spot. Lucy Micklethwait has selected a wonderful range of fine art by painters including Escher, Warhol, Matisse and Magritte. With a gloriously reproduced piece of art on each spread, this title is the ultimate picture-puzzle challenge for children, making art accessible and fun.

Museum Shapes
An exercise in both art appreciation and recognizing shapes, this book invites children to find one of 10 geometric forms in tiled details taken from several dozen artworks owned by New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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