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Level: Primary and up
Grades: K and up | Age: 5 and up | Written by: Connor Snyder
[Connor is a professional actress and producer (M*A*S*H & HBO)]

This drama exercise demonstrates to the children how important it is to project their voices.

What You Need:
What You Do:

Place three bean bags in front of a row of children. One about 10 feet away from them - the second about 20 feet away, the third about 35-40 feet away (this can obviously be changed to suit the physical environment of the class).

  1. Ask each child to look directly at the first bean bag, say their name and the name of their favorite animal.
  2. Instruct him to say the exact same things to the second bean bag.
  3. Would he speak with the same volume? Of course not - the "person" is further away.
  4. When asked to address the third bean bag, he obviously should be projecting his voice as loud as he can.
  5. After all the class has addressed the bean bags, let them know they were really acting in a play just then - reaching the first three rows, the middle rows, and the back rows of the theatre!
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