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Level: ECE and up
Grades: Pre-K and up | Age: 2 and up | Written by: Angela Hopkins
[Angela is a teacher at KinderCare in Freeland, Michigan.]

Using coffee filters, magic markers (or paint) and water, you can make delightful butterfly sculptures.

What You Need:
What You Do:

  1. Give each child a coffee filter and have them color on it with markers. Encourage them to make designs.

  2. Have them hold up the coffee filter, and spray with water. Let them watch the colors spread and run together.

  3. Once the filter is dry, bunch it in the middle and wrap a pipe cleaner around it. Make sure you leave a little extra pipe cleaner to make two antennas.

Recommended Books/Products:

Monarch Magic
Stunning photos take children inside the chrysalis right through the process of emerging as a majestic monarch.

Paint the Wild Butterfly Kit
by Balitono, Inc
Paint three hand carved, solid wood butterflies to create unique magnets or hanging decorations.

Color Diffusing Paper Butterflies (pk/48)

Color Diffusing Paper Butterflies (pk/48)

Fun set includes 12 each of 4 butterfly shapes cut from color diffusing paper. Squirt, spray and splatter intense liquid watercolor or food coloring over designs, mist them with water and watch as the colors create fantastic patterns! Perfect for use with our Color Splash! Liquid Watercolors. Approx. 7" x 11". Idea guide included. Pack of 48.

8-oz. Color Splash! Liquid Watercolor Paint (pk/6)

8-oz. Color Splash! Liquid Watercolor Paint (pk/6)

Ready-to-use liquid watercolor is not only more vibrant than solid watercolors, but more versatile. Use as a dye for clay, glue, glass stain and more. Includes blue, green, orange, red, violet and yellow. 8oz.

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