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Why is Art Education Important?
Find reasons to support the argument for arts in the classroom.

Art Cupboard
What every art cupboard should contain.

Art Supply Safety
Some art supplies and art activities can be unsafe unless caregivers follow simple guidelines for selecting and storing materials and teach children how to use them properly. By: Scott G. Allen.

Arts Standards
Find the National (US) Visual Arts Standards here.

Bringing Art into the Home or Classroom
Helpful hints for parents and teachers.

Children and Art: They Go Together
From da Vinci to Nicholaides, artists have analyzed and perfected drawing techniques, passing this knowledge onto their students. by: Robert Beeching.

Children's Museums: A Hands on Learning Adventure
by: Amanda Formaro.

Create a Storybook with Your Child
A fun way to build your child's imagination . By Susanne Myers

How to Look at and Approach a Work of Art
A guideline containing four basic components or stages of looking at art as suggested by art educator Edmund B. Feldman.

Saving Your Kids Artwork
A frequent problem for parents is what to do with all the artwork their kids produce. By: Krista from Richland, WA

The Missing Link in General Education
In an age in which aural and visual information is at a premium, few Americans are aware of the dynamics of production skills in areas such as drawing, painting, construction, dance, music, and drama. by: Robert Beeching.

Ways You Can Help Your Child To Express Herself With Art
Some wonderful tips. by: Robbin Towers, age 11

What Do You Do With An Art Degree?
209 possibilities.

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