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Level: Primary, Junior, Middle
Grades: K-8 | Age: 5-14 | Written by: Laura Stuart-Smith
[Laura is an art teacher and artist at St. Joseph School and NCCA.]

Students will study the art and life of Kandinsky. They will also make an oil pastel picture while listening to music.


Students will learn about artist Wassily Kandinsky as they focus on his life as an artist and a musician.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Students are taught about famous visual artist Wassily Kandinsky and how he was also a talented musician.

  2. Students are shown a variety of Kandinky's work including Kandinsky's cicular color studies.

  3. Children explore concepts of color and how it relates to emotion. Examples: What emotion do you associate with red? (anger, embarrassment etc.) What emotions do you associate with blue? (sadness, loneliness, calm) What emotions do you associate with yellow? (happiness, contentment, warmth) etc.

  4. Children then fold a large sheet of paper into six squares.

  5. Students listen to a variety of music and create circular color studies (in each section) based on how the music makes them feel.

  6. When students complete their color studies they are put together to make a large piece of art. The results are quite stunning.

About Wassily Kandinsky

Written by Andrea Mulder-Slater, KinderArt®

Type of Work: Painting
Nationality: Russian
Style/Movement: Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider); Bauhaus
Best Known For: Founding the group the Blaue Reiter and connecting art with music and spirituality.
Important Works: Composition IV, 1911 & With Black Arch, 1912

Recommended Books/Products:

Wassily Kandinsky: 1866-1944 a Revolution in Painting
by Dr Hajo Duchting
Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian-born painter, became one of the founders of 20th-century abstract art, ultimately moving toward the geometric forms for which he is best known. Some of the more beautiful works included in this title are Several Circles (1926), Hard But Soft (1927), and Graceful Ascent (1934). Readers looking for a good introduction to the works of Kandinsky will be delighted with this volume.

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