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Level: Primary, Junior
Grades: K-5 | Age: 5-11 | Written by: Lily Erlic
[Lily is a children's writer from Victoria BC, Canada.]

Students will learn how to paint trees in the style of Canadian artist Emily Carr.


To learn about Flowing Lines and Form

What You Need:
What You Do:

  1. Ask the children what words they think of when you say "Forest".

  2. Write down the words on the chalkboard.

  3. Show the Children Emily Carr's Paintings of her trees. Go to

  4. Next, give each child a piece of paper.

  5. Ask the children to draw a trunk of a tree.

  6. Now ask them to draw the branches with the green paint.

  7. Ask the children about the lines in their painting.

  8. Are the lines strong, bold, thin or thick?

  9. Did Emily Carr draw real trees?

  10. Do her trees look hazy or dreamlike?

  11. Create a Discussion.

About Emily Carr


"Emily Carr is one of Canada's greatest and most loved artists. Feeling a spiritual connection with her subjects, Emily Carr painted both the landscape and native villages of Western Canada in a unique and modern style that was rejected during its time of production."

Recommended Books/Products:
Emily Carr
An introduction to her life and her art. By Anne Newland and Emily Carr.

Beloved Land: The World of Emily Carr
A selection of beautifully reproduced Carr paintings representing work done between 1912 and 1942, accompanied by the artist's commentary. By Emily Carr.

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