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Fostering Art Appreciation

Level: Primary, Junior, Middle School
Grades: K-8 | Age: 5-14 | Written by: Colleen Carroll

The twelve-volume How Artists See series is a wonderful introduction for kids to the world of art and to the observation of their world. Each volume presents sixteen diverse works of art devoted to a subject familiar to every child through personal experience.

Colleen Carroll's engaging, inquiry-based text asks readers open-ended questions about the works, provoking their thoughts and sharpening their eye for detail. The experience of translating their observations into words builds children’s communication skills and stimulates their own artistic imaginations. Dates and historical information do not appear in the main text, but for kids curious to learn more about the artists featured, short biographies are provided at the end, along with suggestions for further reading and a list of museums where the artists' works can be seen. The series also comes with a complete Teachers' Guide containing suggested activities to accompany each volume in the series.

Scroll down to view excerpts from these fantastic books, and to find out how to get your own!

How Artists See America Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: Prairie Fire, by Francis Blackbear Bosin.

How Artists See Animals Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: American Flamingo, by John James Audubon.

How Artists See Artists Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: Little Dancer Fourteen Years Old, by Edgar Degas.

How Artists See Cities Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: Paris Through the Window, by Marc Chagall.

How Artists See The Elements Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: Les Nymphéas Blancs (The White Waterlilies), by Claude Monet.

How Artists See Families Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: The First Steps, by Vincent Van Gogh.

How Artists See Feelings Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: The Scream, by Edvard Munch.

How Artists See Heroes Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: The Problem We All Live With, by Norman Rockwell.

How Artists See People Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: Woman In An Armchair, by Pablo Picasso.

How Artists See Play Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: The Reluctant Dragon, by Maxfield Parrish.

How Artists See The Weather Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: A Gust of Wind at Ejiri, by Katsushika Hokusai.

How Artists See Work Gr K-8
Points of discussion for: The Kitchen Maid, by Jan Vermeer.

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