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Texture Bugs

Level: Primary
Grades: K-2 | Age: 5-8 | Written by: Maryanne Messier
[Maryanne is a teacher from Janesville Wisconsin.]

Students will learn about different textures as they make texture bugs.


This Art Book was created to help art educators by giving them another form of assessment. So many times we as art educators find it difficult to assess a child's progress when projects are sent home. By using portfolio assessment it is easier to judge a child's progress because you can see it from beginning to end.

What You Need:
What You Do:

Day 1:

  1. Discuss with students the idea of texture. Texture is the way something feels or looks like. Talk about soft, bumpy, smooth, etc. Talk about how everything has texture and have student's find different textures found in their classroom.

  2. After students have a grasp about textures you can them have them get their materials to begin the lesson.

  3. Hand out the texture bug page and have students color them in and cut them out. (This could take up most of the class period, as the bugs are challenging to cut)

  4. After they have been colored and cut have them glue the bugs anywhere on the red paper. Their names and date should be on the back.

Day 2:

  1. Hand back their pages with their bugs. Review textures to make sure that they remember and understand. Then set up small stations around the room with different textures. Explain that each bug needs to be a different texture. Once they have finished at one station they need to move on to the next one.

    **Each station should have glue and a texture, it makes it easier to have glue at the stations instead of having students carrying it around with them **

  2. Once students have finished putting all their textures on their bugs, then can then return to their seats and begin labeling with the help of an aide or yourself. You can write up the names on the board of the different types of bugs you have and explain to each student that they need to write the name next to the bug that has that texture. (Furry bug, needs to go next to the bug that has fur on it, etc.)

    After they have completed their texture page, remind students to check for names and dates ... you have completed page 6 of the art book.

Go to Page Seven (Imagination Paintings)

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