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Image: Las Flores Elementary School

Level: ECE, Primary, Junior, Middle, High School
Grades: all | Age: all | Written by: Elizabeth Basa
[Elizabeth is a teacher at the Islamic Foundation in Chicago.]

Students will work as a team to create a wall mural made up of individually painted tiles.


Add character to your school or home while your kinderartists start to think about art history ... objects that were created years ago ... why are they there? who put them there?

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Each student is given a tile to design. It is best to encourage them to draw rough drafts on white paper cut out to be the size of your tile.

  2. Once decided, the students paint the final work on the tile, along with their name and date.

  3. Choose a conspicuous spot in your school and permanently affix the tiles on the wall. (don't forget to get permission first!)

  4. The students are now a part of the history of the school, and can come back year after year to see their tiles.

  5. Variation... You can choose a theme, such as Earth wall or memory wall, or honor someone, to give each section special meaning. Each graduating class can have their own space. We are a religious school and make inspirational messages on our tiles for everyone to learn from.

  6. This experience is very rewarding for all children, as their work is now a part of history.

  7. This also adds great character to the school.

  8. The tiles are very cheap, and can be bought from any home improvement store (or of course tile store)

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