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Level: ECE/Toddler
Grades: Pre-K | Age: 2-8 | Written by: Kristen
[Kristen is a student]

A fun and easy song to prepare for story time.

What You Need:

•The children's hands to clap; their eyes to watch you; and their and voices for singing.

What You Do:

All you need to do to get pre-schoolers to pay attention to the story is to sing a song. It goes like this: (hands move exactly as words in song direct)

(Place hands in front of you in the air and open them up)

•"open them"

•"shut them" (close hands)

•"open them"

•"shut them"

•"hide them behind your back" (place hands behind back)

•"put them in front" (put hands in front again)

•"shut them"

•"open them"

•"shut them"

•"open them"

•"fold them in your lap"

The end

Students will now have hands folded in lap ready for story! (The students usually like this because it is easy and fun for them to do)

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