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Level: Middle School
Grades: 6-8 | Age: 11-14 | Written by: Lori Rennekamp
[Lori is an art educator at St. Louis School in Indiana.]

Students can create and assemble a sketchbook from assorted materials and then (using prompts) draw in their sketchbooks every week.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Give each student two pieces of cardboard. (I use 9"x11")

  2. The students will put their names and titles on the front covers and decorate them using various media. I encourage them to use a creative title. The back cover may be decorated, but that is optional.

  3. Use a three ring hole puncher to punch holes in the cardboard. Also punch holes in 20-30 pieces of drawing paper per sketchbook.

  4. Use yarn, string or metal fasteners to assemble the sketchbooks.

My students really enjoyed this project. They each got to write a creative sketch idea on a little piece of paper. We put the sketch ideas in a bowl, and every other week I choose a student to draw one out. Whatever is drawn is the assignment for the week. They look forward to drawing a new one out. In fact, a lot of them want assignments EVERY week! It really gets them drawing.

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