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Level: ECE/Toddler
Grades: Pre-K | Age: 2-5 | Written by: Marianne Sy-Quimsiam
[Marianne is a teacher at the Child Enrichment Centre & Reading Laboratory in Marikina City. ]

Painting with music: enhances self-expression, exploration in use of colors and develops memory recall of events, people, and feelings.

What You Need:

•diluted tempera paints (in various colors) in small plastic jars
•2 chinese brushes for every color
•drawing paper
•various music types (e.g. classical, techno or modern, ballads, country or folk, instrumental, etc...)
•cassette player

What You Do:
  1. During circle time, explain to the children how music makes us feel. Encourage questions and answers about feelings and feelings expressed by music or songs. Site a favorite song of the class as an example.

  2. When ready with the materials, play music number 1. Allow them to use their desired colors and make images they remember. Stop the tape and tell them to write number 1 on their paper.

  3. Have that paper dry while you go on with the next music.

  4. After the activity, ask them how they felt about painting with music.

  5. When their paintings are dry, compare their paintings and ask them about their feelings.

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