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Level: ECE/Toddler
Grades: Pre-K | Age: 2-5 | Written by: Karen LaVarnway
[Karen is a teacher from Plattsburgh, NY. ]

Kids will learn to recognize names as they focus on letter and shape recognition.

What You Need:

•washable markers
•clear contact paper (optional)

What You Do:

Write each child's name on a piece of paper (we also use shapes in our class - each child gets their own shape).

Put clear contact paper over it.

We all sit in the "circle area".

I put all of the names in the middle.

Each child gets a turn to find their name (early in the year they tend to find their shape), then we spell their name out loud as I point to each letter as we say it. As the year goes on, they recognize their name and other children's names as well. They begin to want to point to the letters themselves as I say it, then they learn the letters themselves.

I use clear contact paper on the paper with their names because we can lay the contact paper over the names and the kids can use washable markers to practice writing their names over and over and then they can just wash the marker off the contact paper.

For some it is a year long process, but others begin to help the ones that take a bit longer to learn. I just love to see the children go from stage to stage throughout the year.

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