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Level: Primary, Junior
Grades: K-5 | Age: 5-11 | Written by: Vivian Redfern
[Vivian is an Art Educator from District 41, McCook, NE.]

Students will read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. They will then create caterpillar pictures using tissue paper collage techniques.


Manipulating paper.

What You Need:
What You Do:

About Eric Carle:

Eric Carle is acclaimed and beloved as the creator of brilliantly illustrated and innovatively designed picture books for very young children. Find out more by visiting the links below.

Recommended Books/Products:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
With its lovely, humorous illustrations and wonderful narrative about a hungry caterpillar growing up to be a beautiful butterfly, Eric Carle's story touches anyone who still has some growing to do.

More Information:
The Official Eric Carle Website

The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

Eric Carle - Picture Writer
In this video, the beloved artist-storyteller invites you and your children into his very own studio where he reads from: The Very Busy Spider, The Very Quiet Cricket, Draw Me A Star and shows how step by step he prepares his colorful tissue papers and creates brilliant collage pictures.

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