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Level: Primary, Junior, Middle School
Grades: K-8 | Age: 5-14 | Written by: Ward
[Ward is a teacher from Louisiana]

Kids can play a game of sorts which will help them to see and appreciate different types of art.


Students will understand that everyone has their own opinion about what they think is "good" art.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Put a selection of prints in the front of the room where everyone can see them. (ie: the chalk tray of the chalk board.)
  2. Give each student a heart, house or lemon cut-out shape.
  3. Encourage students to study the images.
  4. Tell them to put the heart shape behind the image they like best, the lemon shape behind the one they like the least and the house shape behind the image they think their parent (or guardian) would like to place in their home. Have them go up and do this one group at a time.
  5. It is important to make sure that students do not know which images the other students have picked.
  6. While the students are waiting, have them write down their choices and why they made them.
  7. When everyone is finished, reveal the choices behind each image and have a discussion on the reasons why. Teacher should talk about his/her favorites as well. With your direction, this discussion can turn to a variety of issues, such as prejudice, cultural values and the importance of respecting others' differences.

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