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Level: Toddler/ECE/Preschool
Grades: Pre-K | Age: 2-5 | Written by: Erin
[Erin is a social worker from Pennsylvania]

Preschoolers will learn about letters as they play a traditional game of bingo.

What You Need:

•Construction paper
•Sandwich baggies

What You Do:
  1. Cut pieces of construction paper in half to make your Bingo boards (I used 3 pieces of paper to make 6 boards)

  2. Then draw 4 vertical and 4 horizontal lines equally spaced on the paper to make your squares and draw a box around them. Label them BINGO.

  3. Fill the boxes in with different letters of the alphabet.

  4. Take another piece of construction paper and cut out 26 squares. Label each square with a letter of the alphabet and place it in a sandwich bag.

  5. You can buy Bingo chips at the dollar store or just cut up pieces of construction paper and use those as chips.

  6. You play just like regular Bingo except instead of calling numbers, you pull letters from the bag.

The kids I work with love this game. We play 4 corners, whole board, one specific row, etc.

Recommended Books/Products:

Alphabet Bingo
Traditional bingo excitement meets letter recognition in this fun, educational game! With 5 different ways to play Alphabet Bingo, everyone has a chance to win. A super introduction to the alphabet that lets kids have fun, too. Includes 36 playing cards, 1 reference sheet, 1 calling mat, 26 calling cards, game chips and playing instructions. Ages 4+.

Instant Words Bingo: A Game for Learning Instant Words by Dr. Fry

Instant Words Bingo: A Game for Learning Instant Words by Dr. Fry

Four complete Bingo games help youngsters learn the 100 most-needed words in reading and spelling. Twenty five reproducible Bingo cards per game can be used as a review or a diagnostic tool.

Dr. Fry is Professor of Education Emeritus at Rutgers University and is well known for his Instant Words and the Fry Readability Graph. He is a frequent speaker at reading conferences.


Bingo Card Generator

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